Trolling at 85 MPH

Trolling at 85 MPH

sounds kinda crazy, but I landed my best catch of the day like that.

One of the things you need to learn really fast in the “Ride-Share” business, is how to filter out the “Time Waisters”, or your going to find yourself waisting the majority of your #business “Prime Time” with customers that want to abuse the “Ride-Share” #service.

I have learned over the last year that I can get 2-3 rides in Dallas and my take home #profit equates to waisting half a day working in Fort Worth (Time-Waister).

Don’t get me wrong; I do quite well working in Tarrant County on the weekends, but unless there is something big happening at the Convention Center, seems my time is better spent in Dallas County.

I would appreciate comments from other drivers about this.