How to choose Breed/Breeding Stock

How to choose Breed/Breeding Stock
Is a good way to get you thinking about the type of Meat Goat Business you want to enter.
Three things to consider are what kind of market is there for the kids your going to produce (product); What type of Meat Goat Business are you going to focus on (meat, show, brush removal, pets, herd sires/replacements); What type of needs are there in a Meat Goat Business today and in the future?
What to do with the Bucks produced?
The Bucks are always evaluated most, because does are kept for replacement or sold for someone else’s replacement. Some does are used for show animals.
If you castrate a buck (wither), then you have 4 choices (meat, brush removal, show,or pet).
If you keep him intact, then the choices are the same as a Wither ( minus show & pet), but you can keep him as a future herd sire or sale him as a herd sire.

Type of Meat Goat Business business your in will lead you to considering the different type of
marketing needs
Supplying meat, show animals, brush business, pets, herd sires/replacement

The needs for the type of market you want to enter;
Meat- San Saba, National consumption, local markets
Show- Stock Shows
Brush Removal-
Herd Sire/Replacement-

Animals size /

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