Our goal is to produce quality Savanna Goats, Not just quantity . Our small Family Farm allows us time to watch and evaluate the goats as they grow and mature. We strive to improve the genetics of our goats and produce the highest Quality Savanna’s. We are Very picky in selecting the goats we chose for our farm. We do not sale  goats to anyone if they don’t fit the Breed standards of the Savanna .


the primary goal of our breeding program is to develop commercial does capable of raising 2-3 fast gaining kids per year with very limited maintenance input by the producer.

We require that all our does, whether commercial or fullblood, maintain their condition on pasture (and hay during the winter).  Does are only supplemented with grain every other day during the last 30 days of gestation.  Minerals are available to our does at all times.   

Savanna goats are known for their extreme hardiness, parasite resistance and superior mothering abilities.

Elvis was born in March, 2013. His sire is Magnum (Tex-Master).  His dam was a Myotonic.  We put him into our breeding program at 10 months old, not really knowing what to expect UN-proven).  We were pleasantly surprised! The stocky, hefty build of both bloodlines showed up in his kids.  Looks like he’s got a bright future here! 



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