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Fishing (when they bite), HVAC/R Specialist, Husband, Father,Grand Dad ( Pop).

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Fishing Report 3/1/17

Fishing Report 3/1/17 Started with a “Rainbow Trout” from “Nepal”, that works as a “Hotel Receptionist” at night, and is in “Pre-grad” classes for “Nursing”. The second catch was an “Old Auditor Catfish”, and the conversation went like;”Bla Bla Bla, I do this, Bla Bla Bla, I’m all about that, Bla Bla Bla, etc…” Glad to release that one at Read More

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Trolling at 85 MPH

Trolling at 85 MPH sounds kinda crazy, but I landed my best catch of the day like that. One of the things you need to learn really fast in the “Ride-Share” business, is how to filter out the “Time Waisters”, or your going to find yourself waisting the majority of your #business “Prime Time” with customers that want to abuse Read More

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Today’s Fishing Report

Today’s Fishing Report This morning started out with nothing on my mind but catching #Wales to start the week off right, and landing a couple gives a positive attitude for making the best week ever.   One doesn’t have to be involved with the #wealth #market long to know what is meant when your talking about #wales. In my #rideshare Read More

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Industrial / Commercial HVAC

Industrial / Commercial HVAC just to let everybody know, plain and simple this is Air Conditioning & Heating. In my adult life, this has been my meat and tatters, and has given me the chance to work in different parts of the world ( Asia, Europe, Middle East, etc…)   I will fill in more info soon, but need to Read More

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Religion = Jesus

Bible Believing Christian My tithes go through North Point, First Baptist Church of Joshua, Texas My research is focused on Koinonia House

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2015 Spring Kidding

2015 Spring Kidding season started February 21st when #18 had triplets. The first-born was the largest, but was left in the barn while mom had two more in the chute area, and she didn’t get enough colostrum on her first day. All three were does, and the other two are bouncing around like they should. Hope had the same thing Read More

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RV Swamp-coolers Videos

  RV Swamp-cooler Videos     TurboKool I