2015 Spring Kidding

2015 Spring Kidding

season started February 21st when #18 had triplets.

The first-born was the largest, but was left in the barn while mom had two more in the chute area, and she didn’t get enough colostrum on her first day. All three were does, and the other two are bouncing around like they should.

Hope had the same thing happen, but we were too late to find her first. She has a doling & buck doing well.

We have move all five of the nannies and the four kids into the new kidding area. The roof still needs to be completed, but the snow and rain came first.

We still have three more nannies to kid, and seems like this is the year of triplets!

3/14/15 Update

Last Saturday I did what has become my usual chores. After the sun was up, I went to check the goats and do a head count.

Hope’s doe from a year ago last August was the only one that didn’t come expecting food, and was outside the new kidding area sounding off like a fog horn.

Once I found her, she had part of the water bag hanging out her back side, and I started searching the corners and possible hiding places where she may have had her kids, only to find out that she was in labor.

She didn’t want to be pushed or led into the new kidding area, so I started walking towards the corral and she followed.

Once there; I closed the gate and went for water and gloves.

When I returned I noticed something white sticking out her back side, and closer investigation discovered it was a hoof.

This being her first time to kid, she was having trouble, so I started pulling.

This went on for app. 5 minutes, but we finally got a Long Legged Buckling out.

His colors are almost exactly like his moms, and I plan on raising him for a future herd sire.

She did all the natural instincts of cleaning him off.

Over the years I have got into the habit of closing the moms off with their new kid/kids for the first 2-3 days, and sometimes even a week in certain circumstances, in a small area which I have tagged Bonding Time.

That evening when we did our last check of the day, we noticed a kid was nursing from #17, what we thought was the wrong Nannie.

Come to find out, she had a buck/kid that day also, so the count now is at 3 bucks & 3 does.

#18 tripled with 3 does / 2 survived

Hope tripled with 2 does – 1 buck / 1 doe & buck survived

Hopes girl’s first was a single buck

#17 singled with a buck

#10 is our hold out and looks like she may triple.

My plans are to secure our living quarters before the next kidding season.